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Significance of Valmiki's Ramayan as flashed on the f.b. on Dec.31,2010.

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Ramayana is the twelve thousand year-old text by Sage Valmiki detailing the life of Lord Ram in Sanskrit.. In the epic, Sri Rama's wife, Sita, is stolen away by Ravana, and taken to his palace in Lanka. On a hectic search for over ten months & war. Lord Ram had killed Demon King of Lanka Ravana who had stolen and abducted Sita and res...cued her But when questions arise in Ayodhya in Kingdom of Lord Ram regarding Sita's chastity during her time in Ravana's palace, Lord Ram had exiled his wife to the forest—even though she was pregnant without even giving her an opportunity to speak in defense of herself. The question that often haunts mind of many as how one could consider someone who would treat his virtuous wife in such a way as the embodiment of dharma.


(Picture of Lord Ram and His spouse Sita)..

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Bishwa Nath Singh ‎.:
 Once, we interpret the inner meaning of Ramayana, Lord Ram, Sita and all other characters could be very well seen within us though we look into the epic of Ramayana a holy epic and Lord Ram as an incarnation of dharma. Truly speaking,... Lord Ram was not just wedded to Sita but to all of his subjects and that, whatever he did, the well being of his entire kingdom was his topmost consideration to be an ideal king..When one is the king of a nation, that person cannot act, merely thinking of the well being of his own kith & kin.When a war breaks out between two countries, a general has to be there at the warfront, leading his army. This is a general's dharma towards his nation. One has read that when fraud takes place at a bank or in any office the higher authorities suspend the manager or head of the office and have the enquiry later. Although the authorities may know deep within that the manager or head of the office is innocent, still they will let the law take its own course. Later on in the enquiry the manager or head of the office where fraud or robbery had taken place may be found innocent. In that case, the manager or head of office will be reinstated soon after the enquiry reoirt was available.. Such an action will increase alertness and awareness among the other staff too, and they will be extra careful in all their transactions The actions of Lord Ram a were in a similar vein: as when there was some murmur among the people about the chastity of Sita.Lord, Ram sent her to the forest. But later, when the people became convinced of Sita's chastity, Rama was ready to accept her back. This shows how a king must be. For a king, each and every subject in his kingdom is important. He listens to each and every person. He doesn't just stick to the words of his counsel Lord Ram did the same. He knew that Sita was going to stay in the holy Ashram of great Sage Valmiki. In the ashram, she was always hearing the chanting of Vedic hymns, inhaling the pure smoke from the fire rituals and was in the elevating presence of the Rishi. So the children born to her—the twins Lava and Kusha—were spiritually vibrant and courageous During those days, there was no social & religious barrier, a King could marry any number of times, yet Lord Ram did not marry any other one. Even when he had performed the Ashwamedha sacrifice, which requires the presence of one of the king's wives, he did not remarry but had a golden idol of Sita made and kept it in the place specified for the wife. This clearly shows the love Lord Ram had for his spouse Sita who was known for her passion & wisdom. Sita was stolen & abducted by the demon King of Lanka Ravana after falling under the enchantment of Demon Maricha, who had disguised himself as a golden dear. It was very rightly prophesized by my loveliest Amma that Sita represents the mind, Lord Ram represents God whereas the brother of Lord Ram, Lakshmana represents discipline, the deer represents desire, Maricha represents maya and Demon King Ravana represents the senses. In Ramayan, one will recall that Lord Ram, Goddess Sita and Lakshmana were staying in a camp in the forest when Maricha approached them in the form of a golden deer. Sita wanted Lord Ram to capture the deer for her and he runs to fulfill her wishes. But the deer tactfully took him far away from the camp. When Lord Ram realized the deer is really a demon, he killed that demon Marich in garb of deer but while Maricha was dying, the demon shouted. Lakshmana, to help him very loudly When Lakshmana and Sita hear Lord Ram’s voice to help him . Sita pressed Lakshmana to go help his brother. Lakshmana reluctantly left, but before he did, he drew a line on the ground and cautioned Sita not to cross it at any cost. When the both Lord Ram and Lakshmana away from Sita, Ravana came under garb of a Sage and , tricked Sita to cross Lakshmana's line. Ravna abducted Sita and took her away to Lanka.As soon as Sita realized her mistake, She began repenting. When her sorrows for Lord Ram reached its peak, and became unbearable, Lord reached Lanka with his monkey army. defeated Ravana and killed him and brought Sita back.This story illustrates the fact that when desires enter our mind, we become distantly away from God. Maya becomes very powerfulWhen the desires become strong, we fall into a trap. Then it is discipline alone that saves us. When Sita, the mind crossed over the line of discipline she fell into the hands of Ramavana. Then she realized her folly and started praying to the Lord wholeheartedly. Then Lord Ram came and rescued her. Truly speaking Lord Ram was an Marayada Purushottam and we must learn from His life and imbibe to be blissful.Hope, it clears the misgivings of many and let us pay our humble obeisance to the lotus feet of Lord Ram, Goddess Sita,Lord Lakshman , Lord Hanuman and all others who figure in Ramayana with reverence and seek their bliss on the eve of New Year for our welfare ., happiness and peace around us!

Vivek Yadav :
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ 2011 नव वर्ष मंगलमय हो ..

Chetan Pandey ‎.:
.राम सियाराम सियाराम जय जय राम...


December 31,2010.

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