Friday, December 24, 2010

My dogged experiment-By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi along with my comment as flashed on the f.b. on December 24,2010.

My dogged experiment-By-Kamlesh  Bahukhandi on Friday, December 24, 2010

I sometimes give a piece of bread or morsel of rice to him. He takes it with extreme gratitude and sleeps in front of my house. He is not a pampered pet, neither a pedigree puppy. He is out and out desi street fighter named Sheru.. The best thing about the mongrel is his ascetic level of contentment. If food is available, he eats to the brim-if not, he sleeps without complaint against anyone. Day before yesterday morning I noticed that Sheru was not able to stand on all his legs. He was licking the right front paw time and again. I tried to investigate the cause .The dog refused .The chance came only after I bribed him with a roti. The examination revealed a horrifying sight. A few creepy –crawlies were wriggling in the gap of fleshy pads under his paw. The place had turned sore and reddish in colour. The dog had tried to remove the insects, but the position was such that his tongue could not reach..First I thought to wash the area with dettol. Problem was, if I tried to pour the liquid the dog would run away. Secondly, as the part felt sore, he probably won’t let me touch it. Hence a modified strategy was to be adopted. I explored the homeopathic kit kept in our house by my father for minor ailments. To my surprise there was a certain medicine which works almost like antibiotics. I decided to experiment it on Sheru. .First of all the dog should be prepared to take the medicine. It must be given with something that he likes. I went to nearest sweet shop and purchased some sweet. Then making a paste of the homoeo-drug and sweet. I held it on my open palm. Success came instantaneously .Sheru did not waste a minute to devour the palatable mixture. I waited till evening to observe the effect. There was absolutely no trace of improvement. As before .Sheru was unable to walk freely.Without losing heart, I repeated the medicine mix and continued the periodic observation. Yesterday evening perhaps a slight change took place. I saw Sheru walking with sore leg occasionally touching the ground. The change was really palpable in the evening, when after dinner I called the dog for his legitimate share. Sheru came racing towards me. There was a limp no doubt but Sheru was running. The improvement excited me from inside. Could I try with one more doses? In the name of God. I administered the medicine for the third time. The wonder of wonders happened today morning.As I called Sheru, galloped towards me like an Olympic champion. That meant he had fully got back to his natural rhythm!! I patted him on his back and held a piece of sweet on my palm-this time without medicine. Sheru went on licking the palm partly may be to express his untold gratitude.The whole experiment made two things clear to me .First homeopathic medicines do their job( which I never believed in the past) , even if you do not believe(humans) or do not know how to disbelieve(the dog) and second, if symptoms match (by chance like in my case),they can do miracles. Sheru stood before me as a live paradigm.


Bishwa Nath Singh
Homeopathic treatment do miracle at times when correct dose of proper medicine is given to one ailing patient whether the patient is human-being or any of our Pets. I am glad that you had a new experience of it. It is important to locate a ...well-experienced Homeopath Doctor who is chosen for treatment of ailing patient who prescribes medicine after thorough examination after proper diagnosis of the disease. Over and above,, one must have full faith in the wisdom & competency of a Doctor & his/her prescribed medicine. The greatest advantages of Homeopathic or Ayurvedic treatment are that medicines given don’t have any side effect as that of Allopathic though they are time consuming Thanks for sharing it with me..
December 24,2010.

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