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A significance of Christmas as flashed on the f.b. on Dec.25,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

The holy festival Christmas is one of the most sacred and popular festivals of Christian community celebrated in all over the world. It is only day when Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born to Mother Mary that aroused the curiosity of devotees. More than two thousand years ago this Christmas celebration an event of humanity, true so...ul and a path of honesty was originated. Previously it was celebrated among the Christian community but with the passage of time the trends of christmas celebrations gets changed, now the occasion of christmas is celebrated by all over the world with great fervor and excitement Christmas means Christ's Mass and is the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth and baptism. Although December 25th is generally accepted as being the time when the Christ Child was born, the exact date has never been chronicled with any degree of accuracy. Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaited global celebrations of the year. In India the festival is marked with visiting the Church, singing Christmas Carols, exchanging gifts, rejoicing, dancing and sharing cakes & sweets with family and friends. As with other festivals too, the celebratory mood is shared by all. Though the basic pattern of Christmas celebration remains the same globally, it is celebrated in different ways in different places owing to local environment, history and traditions. It may even vary from family to family..


(  Picture of the Holy Mother Marium holding Her Son Jesus in Her arms)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
There is neither scriptural nor secular evidence to establish the exact moment of Jesus Birth. One thing is relatively certain, however, the event did not take place in December. Since the child was born when shepherds were "abiding in the ...field, keeping watch over their flocks by night" (Luke 2:8), it is unlikely that shepherds in Israel would have been sleeping outside with their flocks during the month of December. In Winter, the herders would have led their sheep outside only during the daylight hours...the nights would have been far too cold. It is known that during the very early Christian centuries, the birth of the Christ Child was not celebrated in any manner. However, tradition dictates that the occasion has been commemorated since 98 A.D. In 137 A.D., the Bishop of Rome ordered that the birthday of Jesus Christ be observed as a solemn feast. In 350 A.D., Julius I (another Bishop of Rome) selected December 25th as the observance of Christmas. This date was made official in 375 A.D., when it was formally announced that the birth of Jesus would be honored on this day..The announcement also allowed some of the older festivies such as feasting, dancing and the exchange of gifts to be incorporated into the observance of Christmas The term "Xmas" instead of "Christmas" is Greek in origin that came to be both an accepted and suitable alternative to the word "Christmas." The colors most often associated with Christmas decorating are green, red, white, blue, silver and gold. These colors have been used for centuries and, as with most traditions, the reason may be traced to religious beliefs. In this instance, green represents everlasting life, red represents the bloodline of Jesus Christ, blue represents the sky from which the angels appeared, white represents the purity of the Virgin Birth, and silver and gold represent the richness of God's Blessings. For most Americans, the most important holiday of the year is Christmas. Although Christmas is a holiday celebrated in many nations, there's no denying that America makes a bigger celebration and holiday out of Christmas than any other nation in the world. Perhaps this is because no nation has altered or adapted a holiday as much in the twentieth century as Americans have Christmas.On the eve of Christmas, colored lights, lamps, candles, Christmas tree, stars, colorful ribbons are decorated in every shop, in every church, in schools, colleges, in streets, in houses everywhere and also artificial snow is painted there. Christmas tree makes main attention on Christmas festival. Christmas festival verified to be an exacting good basis of many convictions in tradition famous culture. Shopping malls become busier when December month starts. The Christmas period had also contributed too many saying about the climate and the quality of next harvest for country people. Some of them are still seen today. There is also importance of Xmas presents, because after Christmas evening, the tradition of giving Christmas gifts starts. People give gifts to each other like cakes, chocolates, greeting cards, flowers, candles, sweets and many more gifts to their friends, relatives or any other special who are lose to them. Fruit cake and mince pie from England is a different gift. People buy or send gifts for anybody in anywhere across India and worldwide. The Christmas carols which are the songs in Christmas culture of Christian religion. Some of people sing these carols on street to elevate money as a charity. Christmas parties are held in some work places before coming of Christmas occasion. Many people decorate their garden trees and also house walls with colored electronic lights. Some people send greeting cards to their friends and relatives on Christmas to wish them though they are live far from them. Santa Claus who is also known as Father Christmas becomes main attraction on Christmas.People send Christmas cards which have picture of Santa Claus, people wear red cap like Santa Claus and children wait for Santa Claus on Christmas evening and when he comes, he gives gifts like chocolates, cakes, candies etc. to children. Christmas festival brings love, hopes, happiness and opportunities with it for people.Originally, Christmas was strictly a day for religious observation. In its original form, Christmas was a day of holy observation, not a day of celebration. So we see that the first major change of Christmas has been that of gradually changing it from a religious holiday to a secular holiday. This is a process that has been going on in many other nations, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Christinity has strengthed its roots in most of the countries of the world where people accept Jesus as their Savior and holy father having His abode in heaven will return to this worldy earth to bless them some day.Let us celebrate it with great festivity with all sincerity at our command and pay our humble obeisance's to His lotus feet and wish every body whoever,may be Merry Christmas to them and resolve to sink our differences ,if any with others and replace hatred by love & passion!



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