Sunday, December 19, 2010

Three thoughts of mine for the day as envisaged & flashed by me on the f.b. on December 19,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

One must learn to love thy creator & savior who is always prepared to hold them in His arms with fondly care instead of one who is made of simply flesh and bones known for betrayal.

( The Picture of Jesus Christ with lamb in his arms)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
 The above Photo os that of Jesus Christ who loved not only men & women but even animals.Let us cheish H is memories and pay our humble obeisances to His lotus feet who is Our Savior!

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Bishwa Nath Singh:

The life is a galaxy where one experiences every day something new depending on as how he/she takes it up.

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
It is another thought of mine for the day that I wish to share with all of you wth a request to emulate it in your life ,if you are keen to make it blissful.


Bishwa Nath Singh
The greatness lies in one’s benevolence & truthfulness that he/she adheres to in his/her life.
( Photo of Gautam Buddha)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
It's thought of mine for the day that I had envisaged.Lord Buddha is a living example of it that made him Mahatma from Prince.Let us imbibe it in our life to make it very successful!


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