Thursday, December 23, 2010

My thought of the day as envisaged & flashed by me on the f.b. on December 23,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:

One should not be afraid of death rather he/she should be scared of bad habits.


(Photo of Mrs. Indira Gandhi,the former Prime Minister of India)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
It is thought of mine for the day.Mrs. Indira Gandhi,the former Prime Minister of India whose Photo is appended above was a brave lady in true sense. While she was about twelve years old, she headed what came to be whose Photo is appended a...bove known as the Monkey Brigade. The monkey brigade consisted of children who warned the independence movement leaders of their arrest. Being its leader, she delivered speeches while other children actually warned the people who were going to be arrested. The Congress figured that the British would not suspect children of participating in such involvement. She was not afraid of death rather firmly believed and cared as what goods she delivered to our country.

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