Friday, December 3, 2010

A glimpse on life history of Jesus Christ as flashed by me on the .b on December 04,2010.

Bishwa Nath Singh:
 Christmas is observed mostly on December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus. It is also known as the Christmas Day. The earliest evidence of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 is found in the year 354 in Rome. It was only later that the December 25 celebration was adopted in the East, with the e...xception of Armenia, where his birth is celebrated on January 6. Christians traditionally believe that Jesus was born of a virgin and had performed miracles.He had founded the Church and rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven, from where he will return to bless us. Most Christian scholars today present Jesus as the awaited Messiah and as God, arguing that he fulfilled many Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. The majority of Christians worship Jesus as the incarnation of God , the Son, of the divine Trinity. A few Christian groups, however believe it to be non-scriptural.

(Photo of Jesus Christ)

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Bishwa Nath Singh :
There are many school of thoughts on his date of birth. Some say that Jesus was born on the day of the very commencement of calendar year whereas few come out with theory that he was born on 5 B.C /B.C.E. His place of birth is being state...d at Bethlehem, Judea, Roman Empire (traditional); Nazareth, Galilee .His nationality was Israelite.His ethnicity was Jewish. His home town was Nazareth, Galilee, Roman Empire.His father was God as per Christian view and was born through Virginal Conception. Her mother who reared him was Mary and the name of his adoptive father was Joseph.He was crucifed at the age of about thirty five at Calvery, Judea, Roman Empire. As per New Testament, he rose on the third day after his death. It is believed that his resting place was a garden tomb in Jerusalem.

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December 04,2010.

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