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My comment on the article "The Tusker by-Kamlesh Bahukhandi" as flashed on the f.b on Dec.10,2010

The Tusker -By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi.

Sir do you have some fruits with you, the driver of our car asked me in a very excited tone and virtually with those words we got up from deep sleep. It was about 7 o’clock and the pleasant ray of sunlight was peeping through our wind screen and side screen of the vehicle .It was early winter .We could realize that our vehicle was stuck up in a long jam and there was little hope of early clearance of traffic. In fact, we took a taxi from Rajnandgaon to Korba, the mining hub of the Chhattisgarh State .We started at 10 .00 pm from Rajnandgaon after having dinner and anticipated to reach destination by next day 8.00am The night journey was very pleasant as there was no congestion of traffic and maximum path was full of forest. Considering the risk associated in driving vehicle after odd hours, we (me and my camera person) kept driver busy in different gossips so that he did not feel drowsy. The taxi driver was hardly of 30 years of age and was very docile and obliging.During discussion, we could know that he was living happily with wife and 4 children. While I asked the taxi driver,” Ganesh ,the reason of such a big family , he replied gently ,”we always prefer to have more children as they will be our earning members from childhood unlike rich and well to do persons and add to our family income.”That day I realized the word “family planning” had different implications and it differs from person to person to their socio-economic status.
Our journey was very interesting as by sitting in the rear seat, we were busy in conversation with driver and enjoying the gravity of the forest in the moonlit night and about 4.00am we slept sitting on the back seat of the car .I handed over few bananas to the driver and enquired him for anything more as he did not take substantial food last night. But the driver smilingly replied that he did not want for himself but for the elephant who was approaching towards our vehicle .To my utter surprise ,I saw a wild elephant having formidable tusks was coming from the front all along the national highway by swinging its long trunk and extending it towards drivers of vehicles one by one. All drivers and persons sitting in the vehicles were offering fruits, vegetables and other eatables which the elephant was swallowing gleefully. After giving the bananas to the elephant ,our driver told us a very interesting story that this elephant used to come from nearby forest very frequently and blocked the road and collected fruits and other eatables from each vehicles .If somebody did not voluntarily offer any thing for him then the elephant used to search the vehicle by entering its trunk. But it never harms anyone whether they offer something or not..Now we could realize the reason of long traffic jam and after taking the eatables from every vehicle, the elephant allowed the vehicles to go and the jam was cleared. Due to massive deforestation and rampant mining activities in this area ,the wild elephant were not getting their food regularly so they had no way left except to choose this unique way of collecting eatables by means of “Dadagiri” by blocking the roads. Everybody in that locality was aware of the fact and use to carry some eatables for the pachyderm .Later I shared this my experience with my senior editor around the coffee table who didn’t find it worth publishing but being an editor I published it . After about two years I again got an opportunity to visit the same mining town .Knowingly the incident of our last trip I took lot of fruits to enjoy the excitement of offering to the king of forest if I stuck up on the same road. But we could not see any blockade in our entire journey and after reaching the destination I could not control my eagerness and asked the owner of the hotel where I stayed.What the hotel owner told, it was only surprising but very much agonizing. About 7 months ago the same elephant was found dead on the roadside where he used to appear and the reason of its death was due to intake of poison. Later on, after medical examination the fact was revealed that few unscrupulous people out of wild pleasure mixed venom in the eatables and offered the same to the elephant which brought an end to the life journey of the tusker.The locals did develop special affinity with the elephant .Resultantly, to keep its memory alive some social organization constructed a statue of their beloved elephant. Again, in solitary, sometimes, still I soliloquize, animals are more trustworthy than humans.

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Bishwa Nath Singh
Thanks for sharing with such a beautiful & lovely presentation. Had the miscreants not poisoned that elephant ,the diseased elephant could have remained alive and continued to be the source of amusement to many tourists and passer by visiting that side.1 wish, the whole episode should have been thoroughly probed in and miscreants, who ever may be ought to have punished by the court of law.

...Mangala Bhoir सुप्रभात! कमलेश! खूप विचार करायला लावणारा सुंदर लेख लिहीला आहेस!माणसापेक्षा प्राणी खरच विश्वासू,प्रेमळ,आणि निसर्ग-नीयमान प्रमाणे वागणारे असतात. माणूस हाच प्राणी असा आहे,की जो स्वतःच्या स्वार्था साठी सारे नियम धाब्यावर बसवून कोणाचाही बळी घेवू शकतो,कोणालाही हानी पोहोचवू शकतो!

Loading...Sunita Singh Very beautiful note Kamal.., it made me emotional.., and filled my eyes with tears..yeah its true.., u can trust animals but cant trust humans.., it was that tusker's trust that he ate whatever was offered to him.., but Alas.!, we humans......not capable of being trust worthy..!Thanks for sharing..!

Meenakshi Joshi thats completely insane behavior.why killed him without any fault. How wonderful ur story have been if u went there n elephant recognised u n he justpounced on fruits. U felt connected to the place loved to go bk agn n agn. And see him getn...g old as u. . . Wow. . But how sm mad person robed ths pleasure of many n complete life. . How bad people r

Jayanti Chaudhari :Very very touching story of the elephant...,Why some people are so cruel.....,Thanks for sharing this.....

Shashwati Chaudhuri :Very interesting story. Really feel pity for the innocent animal. Some people are so cruel, how could that to the poor animal:-(

Rashmi Sharma Sad,,,,thnx for the tag,,,,

Anupama Pathak it is truly difficult to trust human beings...

sad to read about the end of the innocent animal...!

Dharm Pal Jangra :Very Very awesomely inspiring Kamlesh jeee...

"Jaanwar aadmi se jyada vafaadaar hai, rahataa hai bhookha bhi , khaata hai kode bhi , phir voh malik pe kartaa nahi vaar hai"Moral standard of so called civilised class has dropped to the lowest... possible level... very tragic and agonising end of the so loyal and lovely animal...Thnx very much...

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Sri Prakash Dimri ‎@kamlesh ji ..very interesting & meaningful article ..deforestation is caused by human interaction...we are exploiting ecological balance...being at the top of the table we are able to accommodate ourselves in concrete shell...but the poor animal are struggling for food and shelter....Thanks a lot....

Shalmali Gokhale :
Thrilling and touching experience Kamalesh.....Thank you so much.....:)

Dushyant Chopraa Thnxxx.. Bro...

..Surekha Ja m touched really....beautifully written story...thanks Kamlesh...

Ayesha Awate :Some of us behave worst than animals... for few notes like our corrupt politicians people tend to earn by any means, whether good or bad... nobody is bothered about the repercussion of what they do.. Very good sharing...thanks Kamalesh..


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