Thursday, December 2, 2010

A write-up on happiness as flashed by me on the f.b. on December 03,2010

Bishwa Nath Singh ;
Happiness is key of one’s everlasting success. One should not compare with others as it won’t deliver any good to him /her. One must realize how blessed he/she is that will certainly make him/her happier.One tends to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something he/she doesn’t have, but rather of... recognizing and appreciating what he/she possesses..It is essential that to find true happiness, one must first find his/her inner voice and perform accordingly. One should reconnect with his/her childhood dreams Giving or donating to a charity is an essential key to happiness. One must have helping attitude all the times. One must realize that the relationships give one happiness more than any material in the world. So he/she should spend more quality time with his/her loved ones.One must not forget that to love and be loved is prime way of happiness.The beauty of the nature can give one utmost peace.. One should watch as how the birds sing and the sun shines, clouds rain,wind blows and let him/her be happy once again watching the loveliest nature that God has provided to the universe..Prayer or meditation is one of the most effective ways to calm one’s mind and get inner happiness. One must recognize who he/she is and the purpose of his/her arrival on this worldly earth.One should be thankful and give smile to others for generosity & kindness shown and one should listen more than what he/she speaks. One must try to understand what the other person means before speaking out his/her own thoughts.One should not judge others because judging may give bad feelings about those are judged . One can’t change the views of people around him and the way as how they behave, but he/she can change himself/herself by looking to his/her own deeds So one must focus on changing his/her own behavior instead of changing others.Over and above politeness and truth ful dealing with others pay rich dividends that must be borne in one’.


(Picture of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati)

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Let us conclude that happiness comes to those who strive for it! One can see in the above photograph as how happy Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati looked once they were wed-locked .Let us pay our humble obeisance’s to their lotus feet and seek their bliss for well-being of all living-being of this universe!



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