Friday, December 3, 2010

My comment on Malicious Lizard –By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi as flashed on the f.b. on December 03,2010..

Malicious Lizard –By-Kamlesh Bahukhandi on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:45pm.

Today morning while at home ,my aunt asked me to shut the TV and pack my luggage as I am to leave for Chhattisgarh tomorrow morning. I reluctantly switched off the TV and was about to switch off the main switch and the nasty creature came to my sight !Oh no ,it was glaring at me .I thought that my heart would burst.I was flabbergasted and did not know what to do as we were only some distance away. My aunt again, to confirm whether I have followed her instruction or not ,shouted from the terrace –while I froze on the spot ! It was only when my uncle knew about the difficult situation I was going through ,came running and drove it away by stick."Beta , it seems lizard scared you more than you scared it ,that is why it was just staring at you ,doing nothing! He chuckled I am highly scared of this wall crawler .I have been terrified of reptiles ,specifically lizards ,ever since I was kid .I am not sure how my phobia came to be, but it probably has something to do with the time, I saw a little lizard’s tail on the floor ,still frantically wriggling ,despite the fact that it was already detached from its body .Just looking at it from far ,it can make me feel so anxious and my heart beats very fast until you can see with naked eyes ,my heart pounds. They also give me creeps and goose bumps when I see them. Though I don’t want it to happen ,I just can’t control it. I consider them as very scary and nerve wracking.Since childhood I am suffering from Scoliodentosaurophobia (fear of lizard) . I don’t go inside my room if I find out there is a lizard in there. On the contrary ,my uncle a retired army officer is very brave .He still can sleep soundly with a lizard in his room . He even sometimes teased me by saying “See! Your best friend is with me !Woooooooooo !Lizard my best friend? I can write a whole book filled with stupidest ,funniest ,most ridiculous things that I have done after my countless encounters with lizards . I am even planning an Anti-Lizard campaign .If a lizard dropped on me I would seriously get a heart attack , and honestly I would rather die from it than to deal with the ordeal of knowing that, that dam lizard had dropped on me.To help me out from this fear , my uncle came out with a strange idea . And the only ways he knows that I will come out of this fear is if I touch a lizard!!!. I shudder at the thought !Keep your ideas with you , I glowered-while he was laughing . Now I decided to get tough and began to search new techniques to be away from this nasty little creature ..And my hard work did work I found a small piece of article, where it was mentioned that empty eggshells are perfect to keep lizards away from your vicinity . It is thought that lizards have an inborn fear of eggshell and will stay away from the cabinets . I applied this method once to clear my lizard infested books cabinet, meticulously ,I placed the eggshells in the cabinet .The following day I checked the shells , lo and behold ,the shells had become a convenient spot for the lizards to leave their little ones behind .
Frustrated , I promptly removed the eggshells .Nothing seems to work out to handle this menace . Looking at my anxiety , again my uncle suggested one ‘cute ‘idea –it will work hundred percent –he was adamant . I said Okay , but first let me know the trick. I am going to capture all lizards in my room-store them in the bottle and throw them out! He said in a firm tone.Are you crazy uncle? I am not going to help you out a bit. I cleared my point .that’s okay I will do it alone myself –his stubbornness convinced me that at least this time we will get success to get them out of our home.The very next day it was there hanging on portrait ,with tight grip on the wall . And my uncle was ready with his innovative ideas to catch and throw it out of the house .He held one wide open bottle in front of it trying to make it jump in the bottle. He waved a stick, but in panic, instead of jumping in the bottle, it moved towards table where I was standing! And within a fraction of second, it jumped on the glass pen stand –crumbling it down -moving towards me more enthusiastically! I got frightened and ran out for dear life screaming and cursing my uncle! But he was stubborn on his decision murmuring he has killed many antagonists in the border during his service with Indian Army and at last it got exhausted and accidently fell in the bottle .I behaved a sigh of relief!“So, Beta, how about capturing all lizards in this way,” he questioned . Just shut up ! I shouted like a senior army officer scolding to his subordinate. You made me run out of home only to capture one ,what will you do if you capture all? No way .Now no more trailers ! It is easy to bear them than your unavailing ideas! I said in one breath. Now I am mustering up courage to face this wall crawler in our next meeting!!!!

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Bishwa Nath Singh:
Why one should be afraid of a little creature of God-Lizard. They will not bite you unless some one vexes them.It's good write-up worth appreciating.


December 03,2010.

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Rashmi Sharma Really nice,,,,Hope you succeed in the next meeting....♥:)

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