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Vraj Parikrama 2010 Update (5th & 6th day) Santanu kund & Radhakund as flashed on the f.b. on Dec.3,2010

Vraj Parikrama 2010 Update (5th & 6th day) Santanu kund & Radhakund

.by Lakshman Poddar on Friday, December 3, 2010 at

Madhuvan to Santanukunda :

Today 27th Oct 2010. Devotees enthusiastically started gathering on Bank of Krishna Kund in the early morning and very sweet morning rhythm Hare Krishna Mahamantra and Jiva jago jiva jago Goda Cada bole kirtan, everyone was relishing with open heart the bliss carried through vibration. To relish the sweetness of Kirtan, you are cordially invited in advance for next year Silver Jubilee Vraj Parikrama 2011.

Today it was 24 KM walking via Talvan, Kumudvan to Santanukund, where parikrama will halt tonight.

In the Kumudvan there is Kund named Padma Kund. HH Radha Raman Maharaja told quoting from Baraha Puran that whoever takes bath in this Kund, can get all the Vedic knowledge, hearing this all the devotees very enthusiastically took bath in this Kund.

A brief description of the LILA STHALIS on the way from Kumudvan to Santanukund :

TALAVAN TARASI: The small village of Talavan is located 5 km south of Madhuvan and the people of this village call it Tarasi. This is also one of twelve forests of Vraj and it is here Lord Balaram killed Dhenukasura.

SANKARSANA-KUND: This is a pond located on the outskirts of the village of Tarasi Talavan on the west. By the side of the kund is the Sankarsana Mandir. Lord Balaram’s Deity is worshipped in this temple and it was installed by King Vajranabha.

KUMUDVAN: This village lies 3 km on the west of Talavan. Kumudavan is the smallest of the twelve forests of Vraj. Kumud means lily or lotus.

PADMA KUND: This kund is in the Kumudavan village on its north. On the bank of this pond is a temple for Lord Kapila. Thousands of years ago, Kapila Muni performed great penance and austerities on the side of the Padma Kund. The Varaha Purana says that anyone takes bath in this kund will earn the whole of Vedic wisdom.

SHANTANU KUND: This is located on the Mathura-Govardhan Marg 5 km on the west of Mathura in the Satoya village. Maharaj Santanu performed austerities here to receive a son of good quality to become the heir apparent of his dynasty. In the middle of the Kund, a temple stands on a small hill. The name of the Deity in the temple is Santanu Bihari Krishna. Many childless couples arrive here to pray for progeny.

Sixth day:

Santanukund to Radha Kund via Bahulavan:

Today 28th Oct. 2010 our Parikrama started at 6:00am and it was 22 Km walking distance.

Devotees are never tired till now. Everyday all the way chanting and dancing, hearing Krishna Katha with body mind and intelligent, everyone is fully absorbed in Krishna Consciousness. Without any complain from any devotee so far, our Parikrama reached in Radha kunda at 2:00pm.

On the way in Bahulavan HH Radha Raman Maharaja described different Pastimes.

Around 2:30pm Parikrama back to Radha Kund.
A brief description of the LILA STHALIS on the way from Santanukund to Radha Kund :

GANESHARA: This is a village 2 Km north of Shantanukund on the way to Bati. During Lord Krishna’s pastimes, the Vrajavasis grew fragrant, colourful and beautiful flowers in this area. Here, Lord Krishna anointed His body with yellow clay.

GANDHARVA KUND: It is a kund located in the Ganeshara village. The Gandharvas and celestial musicians from heavenly planets frequented the kund and took bath in it.

KHECHARI: On the north-west of Ganeshara is the Khechari village. Near to the village, there is a temple and people say this as the birth place of Putana. Khechari refers to a female who can fly freely in sky.

BATI / BAHULAVAN: The village of Bahulavan now known as Bati is 1 km north-west of Khechari. Bahulavan / Bati is one of the twelve forests of Vraj. This forest is known after a truthful cow named Bahula celebrated in Vraj. Once Dharmaraja disguised as a lion and approached Bahula and said, “I want to eat you now.” Bahula pleaded, “Please let me first feed my newborn calf and I will return soon.” The lion agreed and Bahula went to feed her baby. When Bahula returned, she had the darshan of Lord Krishna and Dharmaraja stood in place of the lion.BAHULA MANDIR / BAHULA KUND: In the midst of the Bati village, the Bahula kund or Krishna Kund is located. On the southern bank of the Kund, there is a small temple dedicated to the cow, Bahula, and her deity is installed in it.

RAL: This village is comparatively large and famous in Vraj and located 8 Km on the north-east of Radhakund on Vrindavan-Radhakund road.

VIHARA VAN: Near the Ral village is the Vihar Van. Srimati Radharani and Krishna met here often during Their stay at Basonti and Chatikara respectively.

BASANTI: This village is located 4 km before Radhakund on the Vrindavan-Radhakund Road. Before Vrishabhanu came to live at Barasana, he stayed here for a few years with Radharani.

MUKHARAI: This village is located 2 km on the south-east of Radhakund. This is the village of the nani of Radharani-Mukharai. Kirtida lived here in her childhood. This is a kilometer away on the left side of the main road.

RADHA-KUND: This is the holiest and the most important kund (pond) in Vraj and it is known after Radharani.
After killing Arista, a demon came disguised as a bull; the Gopis told Krishna that for killing a bull, the symbol of religion, He should atone by bathing in all sacred rivers. Krishna cleverly dug His lotus foot into the ground and it became a large Kund, and called on all sacred rivers to fill it. They appeared before the Lord and filled up the kund with their holy waters and it is called Shyam-kund. Krishna took bath in the kund and said to them, “You said My instructions as sinful and therefore all of you should bath in this Kund.” However, Radharani, and Her Gopi friends refused to bath in Shyam Kund and they broke their bangles and dug a kund using the broken pieces and it is called Radha-kund. In due course of time, the actual location of Radha-kund was unknown to people. When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu came to Vraj, He discovered and dug up the Radha-kund and later it was renovated by Raghunath Das Goswami.

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The way of bliss... Wonderful photos Laksman ji...
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It's good coverage with meaningful views.Thanks Lakshman Prabhu for sharing it with us and getting us educated!

December 3,2010

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