Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A question is as how to improve ourveducation system as whole as envisaged & flashed by me on the f.b. on December 15,2010

Bishwa Nath Singh:

One can't deny that there has been degeneration in our education during the recent past. The things have gone under enormous change now as compared to the yester years when the relation between teachers and taught used to be an ideal one ba...sed on mutual love & respect as that of relation in between the + father and son The unique b...ondage of pious relation between teachers and taught are on decline stage and found missing leading to chaotic condition prevailing inside and outside the campus of schools,colleges and universities. The respect students had for their teachers are missing now days. The most of students take it very casual to attend classes rather prefer to go for coaching institutes Even , the teachers who are responsible for grooming their students well can't be absolved from their responsibilities as hardly, they care to attend library to prepare their lectures to teach their students well and make their lectures interesting. .The very purpose of education seems to be on declination as none are careful as what are they doing and what will be the fate of future in long run for new generation. It is a very serious problem that must be attended very cautiously in very right direction. Let us wish & pray that old life that used to be inside & outside campus of teaching institutions will be restored where the relation between teacher and taught will be resumed as that of the father and son and onus of good grooming will rest on both of them.
(Photo of Danya's  class- mates in nursery school)

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Subasheineei Krishnan Pillai ‎......To be equipped and enriched with knowledge is the essence of life...The foundation of achievement of any kind begins with a firm belief in 4 core values-innovation,quality,caring and integrity.....But sad to add that the education system has now become a topic of debate in most parts of the world.......

Anil Budhiraja :There has been a sea change in our cultaral environment-the values and priniples we held so dearly with respect have taken a back seat--the expectancy from the parents from their ward and the teachers has gone up very high without being pra...ctical abt it.This has created tremendous stress. To add to it--the rich and dadagiri have started dominating the schools which has created a tension betwen the two parties. Cases of crime in schools all over the world have become rampant--bribery is another evil which has crept into the edn sysytem. Affairs between student-teacher have eroded all possible mutual respect.We need to study the problems in depth and then come out with an effective system which can bring back the glory of a noble relationship between the student and teacher.But for this there is a requirement to take bold steps by the authorities which should backed by the State Governments and the Centre!!

Bishwa Nath Singh :
Let us bring self discipline in us by enriching ethics in our life and bring awareness about it amongst masses to get it redressed with kind co-operatin of all!


December 15,2010

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